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Choosing home security alarm

Not all home security alarms are born equal. The last thing you want is annoyed neighbours who no longer react to your security alarm going off. Initial cost of the alarm is only a minor factor. You need to consider the installation costs and total cost of ownership (TCO). Also keep in mind that in New Zealand climate many alarms may corrode with time, especially the ones installed close to the sea.

However tempting the DIY option may look, in long run you save money by going with a company that has years of experience installing the security alarms in residential homes. If they provide the warranty, this is just not in their interest to install security alarm which will break.

Running costs of the home alarm is an important factor. Typically it consists of monthly monitoring fee and false alarms call-outs. The other cost that is often is not taken into account is cost of telephone land line. If you prefer not to have the land line at all, you might need to look into home security alarms that use GSM. Obviously those alarms are not resistant to radio-frequency jamming, therefore the best (and possibly more expensive) option is home alarm with dual land line and GSM connection.