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Home Burglary prevention

Unlike Robbery, the Burglary is a crime mostly against your property.

The burglars are multiplying in numbers. They are switching from hardened business to softer residential targets. They need more money than ever before, so do not be surprised to find your home burglared one day.

While the most popular in NZ choice is to offset this problem with insurance, this measure does not prevent the robbery, neither does it prevent its consequences and traumas. There are so many irreplaceable things in your home, that no money can repair the damage. Any document stolen can eventually lead to identity theft. You may even not notice that it is missing until it's too late! Also, consider that insurance company approximately spends only half of its budget to satisfy claims. Even if you are an average citizen, statistically you lose more than you gain from your insurance activity.

Any burglary has a potential to become a robbery, murder or rape. Prevention of burglary is the option you should consider! Do not nourish crime with insurance premiums!

You can read advices all over the Internet that deadlocks should be installed, garden trimmed, etc. Here we do not repeat information that is available everywhere. NZ TV 2 "home security" television show had been trying to persuade us that if all these small measures are in place, the regular roost becomes an inpenetratable fort. The professional burglar did not take a paving stone to break the window as he did last time with stone specifically placed on the very paving. Why didn't he just break his way under the window through the cladding?' There are so many entry points in average NZ home that it is impossible to secure them all! Small measures do help, but they also create a false sense of security that may be dangerous.

Home security design

All home security measures should fit into overall property security design and work together to be the most efficient. Failing to do this will mean that you are unlikely to achieve security that you would consider satisfactory.