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Advice on Home arson prevention

New Zealand's lifestyle is inviting to dwellings arson attacks. Most people do not live in concrete apartments where the only exposed area is the front door. Instead NZ boasts picturesque residential areas of timberframe dwellings, high winds, and teenagers not busy with study or homework. New Zealand is a multicultural society, and racial intolerance can also be a reason for arson, as well as revenge, family matters or neighbour tensions.

It is hard to prevent the dwelling or a shed from catching fire. Here are some tips to help reduce the likelihood of arson and minimise arson's consequences:
  • Block access to the dwelling by using fencing and outdoor security sensors;
  • Have the dwelling occupied (or have it looked occupied) full time;
  • Install smoke sensors outside the dwelling;
  • Have fire hydrants and fire extinguishes in working order;
  • Ensure that there is no combustible material piled on the section;
  • Remove all dry vegetation and leafs.
  • Store flammable liquids, petrol powered tools like mowers, chain saws in approved, locked locations.
  • Keep windows closed and have unbreakable panes to protect from petrol bombs. Use dedicated ventilation shafts rather than windows to ventilate your house.
  • Keep rubbish bags and wheelie bins out of arsonists' reach when not curbed for rubbish collection.