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Advice on Graffiti protection

It is fun to be a youth in New Zealand. The school or college is only 5 days a week, not much study after school (if any). Parents are well aware that it is less troublesome to do all the house work themselves. Young people have so many rights and very few responsibilities. Surely they are extremely busy with SMS and MSN messaging, computer games and television. For some of them this is still not enough, so they spend hard earned (usually by their parents or tax payers) money to buy not so cheap paint to immortalise their stupidity at public places as well as on business and residential properties.

While one sniper with accompanying TV crew could easily eradicate the problem, this solution could see many people becoming unemployed. Here are some tips on how to make your property unattractive to graffiti:
  • Block access to the dwelling by using fencing and outdoor security sensors;
  • Do not provide an exterior surface. Use steel mesh or bar fencing as a first line of defense;
  • Install security lights to illuminate areas of possible attack;
  • Rough and dark surfaces are less desirable to graffiti, but it is hard to remove paint from rough surfaces without damaging them.